Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Which came first the catalog or the concept....

Just got the new Anthropologie catalog in the mail today...

And... Wow... does it look a lot like a vintage circus theme!!!  Jeez.  Let it be known that my concept came out before this issue of Anthro.  (and Anthropologie, I still love you, but what timing, seriously... hahahaha)  IRONY!  I guess great minds think alike.


  1. Hi Katie... I am loving your concept for this room and will be holding my breath waiting for the big reveal! I wasn't planning on going to the showhouse this year, but now, how can I not? :) I actually LOVED this Anthro catalog, I am building a little bridal shoot around that cover dress... anemones!

    Anyhoo, I bookmarked an old blog post for no particular reason... but i bet YOU could build something even cooler than these: http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/lighting/marquee-alphabet-lights-086762

  2. Thanks Erin! You are so sweet. Those lights are so cool! Wait until you see the lights in the room. I took 15 ceiling mount bathroom fixtures and mounted them along the top of one wall.... The room is coming along. I think the whole studio is going to go together. Maybe you could come then? Or sometime. It has been fun (and stressful...) !