Saturday, January 30, 2010

Design Sponge Book

On a side note, I had to share... that I am going to be published!  A recent DIY project of mine is going to be in an upcoming Design Sponge book, set to come out Winter of 2010.  It's a project I actually did in our house, they are a set of industrial wall sconces in our living room.   

Look for it at a bookstore near you in 2010 haha...  But seriously, I bet it'll be a pretty sweet book.  Gotta love D*Sponge!  Photos by Erin Martinez
So there is going to be a big toy storage unit in my room that is inspired by the ferris wheel.  Its "cars" will be storage bins and the entire thing will actually turn so that a kid can actually spin the wheel to get the toys from the bins that are up high.  Me and the contractor crew have been daydreaming about how to make this work, and I think we have a contender for the outer structure...

Dad, you are a genius.... This baby is a reel used for storing conduit.  It's a hefty 7ft round, and I think it could be a perfect start for our ferris wheel! And talk about a focal point.  Spin on...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Some research I threw together as potential inspiration for the room. 
So here's the board I submitted to the Symphony committee for consideration... (EARMUFFS SYMPHONY COMMITTEE....) I actually wasn't too happy with my proposal, this being my first year to submit I wanted it to be really really great,  and there is a pretty small window of time to get these boards together and submitted.  Well... I screwed up and thought that they were due 1 day later than I had anticipated!  And not only that but I realized this at 11 o'clock on the day it was due (4 o'clock that day by the way...)  So needless to say I was a little rushed and it didn't turn out as polished as I wanted it to be.  I like the "sketchbook" effect that I was going after, but I ran out of time and it got a little sloppier than I wanted.  Oh well, THEY PICKED ME! Woo Hoo!!!! So here's to making sure the room is better than the board. Cheers.

the beginning of my blog adventure..

So here I am starting my blogging adventure which has been prompted by a new endeavor I have been offered. I have been chosen to design a room in this year's 41st Symphony Designer Showhouse in Kansas City.  I will be designing a kid's room that is inspired by the colors, textures and whimsy of a vintage circus.  NOT A TYPICAL THEMED ROOM is a definite must do in this space.  I want it to be sophisticated yet fun, and overall stimulating to all the senses.  I want to use this blog as my sketchbook, a folder for inspiration, and a portfolio on my progress... Thanks for stoppin' by!