Friday, January 29, 2010

So here's the board I submitted to the Symphony committee for consideration... (EARMUFFS SYMPHONY COMMITTEE....) I actually wasn't too happy with my proposal, this being my first year to submit I wanted it to be really really great,  and there is a pretty small window of time to get these boards together and submitted.  Well... I screwed up and thought that they were due 1 day later than I had anticipated!  And not only that but I realized this at 11 o'clock on the day it was due (4 o'clock that day by the way...)  So needless to say I was a little rushed and it didn't turn out as polished as I wanted it to be.  I like the "sketchbook" effect that I was going after, but I ran out of time and it got a little sloppier than I wanted.  Oh well, THEY PICKED ME! Woo Hoo!!!! So here's to making sure the room is better than the board. Cheers.

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